Upp is an ALL-IN-ONE Marketing tool packed with Smart Features


Everything you need to know about your clients right at your fingertips.

All in one Place

Easily and effectively manage all your contacts in one place.

Know what to Say

Keep track of everything you need to know about your customers. E-mails are automatically stored and you can easily log your calls. Simply put: you and your team members always say the right thing at the right time.

Customer Care

Assign team members to the right clients to give them the attention they deserve.

Timeline Activity

Stream all your customer activities in a timeline overview.


Stay on top of your business and manage your tasks and follow-up activities.

Stay Focused on your Goals

You’ll see in an eye blink where attention is needed. This way your sales will improve and your customer care will get even better.


Set reminders for meetings, to-do’s and tasks. Upp will give you an alert when it’s time to take action.

Personal Tasks

What needs to be done and when do you need to do it? Upp provides a quick overview of your personal tasks.