Upp is an ALL-IN-ONE Marketing tool packed with Smart Features


Create beautiful campaigns to convert visitors into paying custommers.

A/B Testing

Send your campaign traffic to different variants, and see which flow has the best conversion ratio.

Mailing (sms)

Get consumers onboard, by sending them the right Mailing, Call or SMS on the right time.


Campaigns are fully automated. Set your trigger and let the campaign take care to automatically follow up your clients.

Drag and Drop

Set your campaign flow by dragging the steps needed for your situation. If it doesn’t work…. Don’t worry, the flows are adjusted just as easy as they are created.

Goals and Conversion

Set goals for your campaigns to measure the outcomes. Afterwards, analyse these measurements in order to optimise your campaigns and get the most out of them.


Some people forget that sales don’t stop after the customer bought something. Keep communicating and give a better customer experience to keep them happy.


Send and receive important mail directly in your shared inbox. Have all client related mails together and make sure that you or your team don’t miss any important mail.

Calls / SMS

Log important calls and messages. So the full team knows when the last contact moment has been taken place.


Maintain tickets, with their status. And make sure tickets are only resolved when they are really done!

On site Chat (Coming Soon)

Get in touch immediately with prospects on your site, by integrating JivoChat. All chat’s are stored in your costumers record.

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